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Profanity increases among teens

Albany- Profanity is not a class taught in school, but many students seem to be picking it up in the hallways.

"In school, in the hallways, in class a lot, it's just, it's part of the everyday language," said Phylicia Thompson, Albany High junior.

"Definitely we hear it a lot, in the hallways, if my friends aren't saying it, we say curse words a lot as a generation, we curse a lot," said Jessica Cruel, Albany High sophomore.

School administrators say, its a growing problem.

"There's been a sharp rise in cursing, in the hallways and in casual conversation that the teachers hear in the classroom," said Dr. Gary Dorough, Albany High School Principal.

It's something schools are taking seriously.

"We deal with the cursing as priority one in the code of conduct. We give them a first offense, second offense, third offense," said Dorough. A punishment could include anything from five days detention to a parent conference, but why are kids using this obscene language?

"Trying to fit in, trying to make themselves more impressive and stronger," said Thomas Smith, Albany Tech student.

"It's allowed on TV so people have a lot of access to it. I think they hear it a lot so they think it's really common for people to. It's part of the common language," said Cassie Syfrett, Albany High School junior.

Some parents say it's too much.

"Especially when they get around their friends, so at home I try to watch my language and watch what they watch on TV," said Nicole Wright, a parent of two.

Nicole Wright has taken serious steps. Her kids aren't allowed to watch certain cartoons because of language.

"In my kids room's, no cable whatsoever, I unhooked the cable," said Wright.

Despite the punishments, teens say they don't expect the foul language to stop.

"Once you start using it, you can't really stop, it's kind of hard," said Cruel.

There are some tips to help you tame your tongue. You should recognize swearing does damage. Start by eliminating casual swearing. Practice being patient, and remember cope don't cuss. In the end, you really need to work at it to keep from using profanity.

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