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Child seat safety lesson in Thomasville

Thomasville- The Thomasville Police Department is taking the proactive approach to child seat safety.

     Thursday, officers brought a trailer filled with important items about child and road safety to the "Hand n' Hand" school. In these types of lessons, there aren't any charges filed against parents who show up without properly installed seats. Police say they simply want to educate everyone. One of their main points is telling parents not to buy second-hand seats. "You don't know if the seat has actually been involved in a crash, it could have. And sometimes there may not be any external damage by looking at it. But there may have been an internal crack or something that we're not aware of. And then two, the seat actually conforms to the shape of the child," says Lieutenant Karen Burklow-McRee.

     Child seats are available for free from the Health Department, if you qualify. But you have to attend a class to get them.

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