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DOT continues to help rebuild roads

Crisp County - "We've been working in Crisp County since Easter," says Scott Carter of the Department of Transportation.

This is the second weather-related job the Department of Transportation crew has worked on in as many months.

"The crew that's working here behind us is one of our special units. They were in Miller County helping with the tornado cleanup all the way up until the Friday before Easter, thinking that they were going to have an Easter weekend with their family."

DOT and county crews worked hard to fill back in Bedgood Road, just one of dozens in the county that was washed out. The governor declared a state of emergency for about a dozen counties, including Crisp.

"It was supposed to end last Friday at midnight and due to the rain that kept coming we weren't able to get in there and work with the county, and so he extended it for six more working days, or until the 22nd which ever comes first."

The declaration is in the form of manpower and equipment, two things Crisp County definitely needs to repair it's more than $404,000 in damage.

"This just happens. When you have flash flooding events like we've had and it continues to rain and continues to rain, there's so much water trying to get through, these things just happen. The counties have done everything they can, we've done everything we can, and that's just an act of God."

For the next few days workers will continue to grate, pave, and dump dirt hopefully leaving public works crews with a job they can handle once they pull out.

Crisp County officials say right now all but one road in the county is passable even though there are several that still need repairs. Watson Road is still closed. A 60 foot bridge on the road still has to be replaced.

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