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Thomasville Airport revitalization

Thomasville- Construction crews at the Thomasville Airport are part of a revitalization to help attract more business to the Rose City.

     The sound of a corporate jet taking-off is the sound of growth at the Thomasville Airport. "The big thing is we're getting a new terminal built," says Airport Manager Mike Woodham. A new terminal that he says is an important factor in bringing more corporate aircraft to Thomasville. "The old adage of you only get one chance at a first impression. We really felt like we needed to dress things up. Our old building was actually built in 1961."

     One of the main reasons for attracting more corporate planes to Thomasville is the fuel. Fuel sales greatly help keep the airport flying. "The funding that keeps our lights on, that keeps our salaries paid, that keeps the airport operating strictly comes from two things only, the commodity of fuel sales, and from hangar rent," says Woodham.

     The airport also just got a new electronics house for better communications. And it's improving the runways as well. The project means a lot of progress to bring in a lot of big business to Thomasville. "We have people that come in all the time, not only from New York, Chicago, Saint Louis, Miami, but from Atlanta, Montgomery, Jacksonville, Charleston," says Woodham.

     The new terminal is expected to cost roughly $890,000. About 40% of the money comes from a state grant. The rest comes from the city of Thomasville.

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