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Investigation of administrators will remain closed

Albany- It's been a year of turmoil for the staff and students at Radium Springs Middle School.

Thursday, the Professional Standards Commission heard the cases of Principal Dr. Geraldine Hudley and former Assistant Principal William Orr. Superintendent Sally Whatley asked the PSC to investigate after Orr accused Hudley of asking him not to report abusive behavior by teachers and for engaging in abusive behaviors herself. Orr is being investigated for not reporting the incidents.

The PSC won't release the rulings on the two cases Thursday because the educators have the right to appeal. In fact, the rulings won't be released until the cases are closed.

The situation between Hudley and Orr evolved after Radium Springs Middle School teacher Mike Lewis was arrested and charged with battery for choking a student. Lewis will not return to teach in the system next year because the board recently voted not to renew his contract.

Orr is currently working in the central office, but is resigning at the end of the year.

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