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Keyboards are a bacterial breeding ground

Valdosta - The library at Valdosta State University is always packed with students using computers. Little do they know what germs they could be picking up from the keyboard.

"There's approximately 3,300 types of different bacteria that can accumulate on the keyboard," said Brenda Mims, Nurse.

Chances are you've sneezed or coughed while working on the computer, then gone right back to typing. That makes for an ideal bacterial breeding ground and leaves students like Lisa Fulton thinking, "Why am I not sick everyday?" said Fulton.

Not only is your keyboard a magnet for germs, your entire desk is. "From your telephone receiver to the corner of your desk, germs are attracted and they stay there," said Mims.

It's the place a lot of us spend most of our day, but your desk is one of the dirtiest areas you encounter. "Like streptococcus, this is found on your skin so if your skin is shedding and you're rubbing your arms back and forth, that means those germs are going onto your desk space," said Mims.

And eating at your desk isn't a good idea. "Sometimes food may get into the small places on your desk where you can't clean and the germs will be harbored there," said Mims.

It's impossible to get rid of all the germs in your work environment, but you can cut down on the bacteria. "Make sure you use a disinfectant, something that's appropriate for the type of material your desk is made of," said Mims.

And wash your hands often, or use hand sanitizer. It's an easy way to make sure your work doesn't end up making you sick.

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