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Victim's family hears Rudolph's plea

Atlanta-- The notorious Olympic park bomber who killed Alice Hawthorne, of Albany, pleads guilty to his atrocities. Eric Robert Rudolph admits he is responsible for the string of bombings that killed two people and injured hundreds.

After federal authorities pegged him for three bombings in Atlanta and one in Birmingham, Eric Robert Rudolph avoided capture for more than five years. Rudolph faces four life sentences with no chance of parole.

Rudolph sat in the Federal Court room in Atlanta for a little over an hour, and heard prosecutors outline the crimes that he committed. Just behind him sat eight members of Alice Hawthorne's family. They and more than 100 other spectators listened as the U. S, Attorney explained how Rudolph built a bomb and place it under a bench in Centennial Park.

Alice Hawthorne was killed when a three-inch-long masonry nail struck her in the head. Her daughter, Fallon Stubbs was with her when she was killed.

"I got a good chance to replay the memories. It's a difficult time for me. I'm going to take a couple of days to get over it again, but al-in-all I think this is just getting our family back to where we need to be, making us longer, and hopefully, we'll be able to go on from there."

Fallon Stubbs says she and Alice Hawthorne's other family members are ready to move forward and put this incident behind them. They have civil lawsuits pending against the Atlanta OLympic Committee for security lapses in 1996.

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