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CRCT's a big deal for Dougherty students

Albany- Alice Coachman fourth graders prepared for their Criterion Referenced Competency Tests by playing matching games that test their knowledge of the CRCT's concepts in a fun way.

"They are a little nervous but our students' confidence," says teacher Derrick Wooten.

Teachers and students are hoping that confidence translates on paper, because for the first time all Dougherty County students in grades one through eight will have to score at least 300 to be promoted to the next grade.

"We don't want them to feel like they can take years off, so by having it as a promotion purpose for all grades one through eight hopefully the students will stay on top of what's going on in their classroom," says system testing and evaluation coordinator Renee Bridges.

If they have paid attention in the classroom Bridges says students should do well.

"CRCT is based on the QCC's, Quality Core Curriculum which is what we teach in the classroom. So, it's kind of like a final exam in a sense, so if they did not pass the CRCT, they probably didn't do well in their academics throughout the school year," Bridges says.

The test is over for first through third graders, but reminders in the halls of Alice Coachman keep the morale up for the rest of the students.

"We've even had our students to come up to us and say, 'Mr. Wooten I am confident that I'm going to make that 300 on that test because you've taught me', we're ready, now all we have to do is apply that information on paper," says Wooten.

While teachers are reinforcing positive thinking at school, they say parents should do the same at home.

"This is nothing for you to be afraid of. This is something for you to jump into and show the success they you've got inside of you to show the world that my teacher has taught me and I am ready to shine," says Dr. Gail Gibson, Alice Coachman testing coordinator.

"Each day after school, talk to your child and ask them how the test went and encourage them to always do their best in everything that they do," says Wooten.

Makeup sessions for the CRCT tests will be held next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Results should be available during the beginning of May. If students do not pass they can re-take the test in summer school.

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