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Olympic Park victim not forgotten

Albany - Alice Hawthorne's life, and death, had a dramatic impact on many people. Nine years after Alice Hawthorne's life was tragically cut short, her business neighbor Gilbert Udoto still vividly recalls the type of person she was.  He says, "A smile, someone who cared about everybody. Alice would do anything for anybody."

Hawthorne owned Fallon's Hot Dogs and Ice Cream, named after her daughter.  Udoto says, "I used to go in there and get ice cream, and she was nice, it was like home." But when he heard Alice had been killed, he learned an unforgettable lesson.  He says, "You can be gone the next second, you know?"

Gordon Hall owns Shabazz, located next to where Hawthorne's restaurant used to be.  He says, "It was very shocking to me, very shocking." Gordon says Alice was well known, not only from her business, but from her involvement with the community. "Alice was a very nice person," says Hall, "she was outgoing, community-oriented. She was concerned about what was going on in the city of Albany."

And Gordon says he has thought about Alice and her family since the day she died.  He says, "She is very well missed. Alice is one who had great potential, and that potential was cut short."

A life taken from her family, friends, and community. Alice's friends say they would like to see a monument built in her honor in Albany.

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