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Last minute filers rushing to beat the clock

Albany- Warren Walker always comes to H&R Block on Dawson Road to see Joyce Jarrett about his taxes.

"Well, I've been doing business with Joyce for years, and I trust her with my tax work," said Walker, a general contractor from Colquitt County.

He also trusts her to get it done at the last minute.

"I always procrastinate," Walker said laughing.

He's not alone. Tax advisors are busy with customers who have waited to file.

"Those who think they owe money to the IRS, they wait for as long as they can," said Vish Pandy, a master tax advisor at H&R Block.

Pandy stays booked with clients in these last days of tax season. But with walk-ins too, it makes for long days at the computer.

"In the evening, I might be able to leave before 8 o'clock or something."

So if you're holding on to your money as long as you can, at least try to make an appointment. But in this office, walk-ins are always welcome.

"Take a chance, just have to wait a little bit, but it will be done," Pandy said.

Jarrett made sure Walker's were done and on the way to Uncle Sam.

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