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Big tax relief for Georgia small businesses

Albany- Classic Printing in Albany has been pressing their way forward for a couple of decades. "I've been here twenty-three years. I started with one side," says owner Ben Lowe.

Now they're a little bigger and Lowe has seen prices and times change. "In today's time with the competition and the super stores, the Office Max, the Office Depots, it makes it rough," says Lowe. But one thing remains constant. "I'm still open, I'm still in business. I may be a little old. I'm a little bit past 70 but I'm still here," says Lowe.

And he's still interested in growing his business. A new law may help him do that. Georgia businesses may see more than 25-million dollars in tax savings in the next three years.

"My goal is not for small businesses to stay small but to go into medium sized businesses and then into large businesses that will be here," says Governor Perdue. The Small Business Tax Relief Plan will help small businesses keep more of their profits and invest that money back into their businesses for growth and more job creation, even the smaller small businesses.

Governor Perdue says, "We have a healthy and robust business community. Over 95% of them are small businesses. Sometimes it's just one or two or five individuals." Enough employees to help run Lowe's business but he welcomes anything that will make his Classic Printing thrive even more.

"This bill from the Governor I hope will help me and other people," says Lowe. The bill would help him to continue his printing tradition and grow right along with the economy. "We've grown a lot through the years and we've been lucky and fortunate," says Lowe.

And he hopes to be here for many more years with tax relief help, a benefit he feels is hot off the press. Lowe began his business in the 70's with just one room and two old presses.

The bill is effective immediately and can be used for all taxable years beginning in January of this year.

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