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Rough ride for drivers over Broadway rail crossing

Albany- On the way to work or on the way home, a trip down Broadway is a rough ride when you hit the railroad tracks.

"Oh man they're rough," said Willie Ingram.

Regular riders know what to expect.

"On these railroad tracks they got too many dents in them," said one driver.

"There's so many bumps and holes and everything in that one," said Pearly Alford.

Some say they're worse than others.

"Slightly yes, because it seems like they're so deep," said Ernest Thompson, who crosses the tracks regularly in his FedEx truck.

Others don't notice as much.

"I think they're about the same as the rest of them I've seen around in the area," said C.J. Lester.

The railroad is responsible for taking care of what's between these rails.

"If they leveled them out more, it probably would be better," said Roderick Taylor. Better for the ones who cross the tracks the most.

"I've got a '96 Cadillac and I don't even come through that block," said Danny Pinnock.

The bumps will tear up almost any car.

"If they come across there really fast it would," said another driver.

So most drivers hit the brakes.

"You have to slow all the way down to a stop," one woman said.

Others rattle on through.

"It will knock you're car out of line and everything," said Jacquelyn Ford.

That is quite a price to pay for traveling public roads.

"They tear up your front end and everything," said another afternoon driver. "They keep your front end out of line."

So to stay aligned, take it slow.

"I'm from New York and I know what it's like to have a rough road and that reminds me of home," Pinnock said.

If home is down the road, be ready to rattle and roll.

A spokesman for CSX says they inspect tracks regularly and make repairs when they find problems.

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