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Kids Against Hunger celebrates anniv.

Cairo- "Kids Against Hunger" in Cairo packages food for needy families in dozens of countries and our region as well. Just one of its 23 cent meals feeds a family of six.

     Like workers on a well-oiled assembly line, volunteers are scooping, sealing, and boxing meals for needy families around the globe. "Starvation is a big global problem," sats volunteer Vikram Jambulapati. He says his time here is meaningfully spent. "It's the easiest and most effective way to pack food and feed the most amount of people."

     People who might otherwise die from starvation. That's why volunteers here consider "Kids Against Hunger" a global humanitarian mission. "In the most destitute parts of the world, you can expect hardly any food. The food that they do have is often spoiled because they don't have the necessary means to refrigerate it," says Jambulapati.

     The key to these meals is their engineering. They last for three years, and they're designed to revitalize someone who's been malnourished even for an extended period. "The vegetables are full of nutrients, and then the chicken powder has some other essential vitamins," says Jambulapati.

     After the palates are loaded and sent, hungry families get a well-rounded meal, and the volunteers get well-rounded kharma. "It's a very positive feeling. You know that this simple process is so important to so many people, and so crucial to helping other human beings," says Jambulapati. A process that works oceans apart, for people who may never meet.

     More than 825 people volunteered at the Cairo branch of "Kids Against Hunger" over the past year. The World Health Organization says 42,000 children die everyday from starvation and malnutrition.

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