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Good jobs available, but training is necessary

Albany -- Companies around the South are desperately searching for people to fill a number of high paying job openings. But the workers they need must have technical training.

Some South Georgians are getting the training they need to cash in on these jobs. 27 year old Cornelius Jones works on redesigning "the Punisher." Soon Jones will be a highly sought man. Jones said "I hope to find a good maintenance job with one of the better companies around here."

 Jones works with this can crushing machine as part of the hands on instruction at Albany Technical College in industrial systems technology, one of the hottest fields going. Hyundai Car Manufacturing plant in Alabama held a job fair in Albany last week, because they have dozens of openings for people trained in industrial systems technology. Like many industries, they can't find enough people with the training they need.

Industrial Systems Technology Instructor Johnny Dodson says "With a lot of automation and high speed equipment, you have to sit down and learn the technology first, before you get the job in the field."

 Jones was laid off earlier this year, and is now getting the training to claim these jobs that pay around 14 dollars an hour to start. Dodson said "they'll be in high demand. We rarely, rarely, have a student go through the program and still not have an opportunity to get a job."

Jones will graduate at Albany Tech in December, and sees a bright future. Jones said "Yeah, I see a lot better job ahead of me."

Industrial systems technology and industrial electronics are hot fields. The training period at Albany Tech is two years, but these students know the payoff in the form of a high paying job awaits them.

Currently there are 42 students in the Industrial Systems program at Albany Tech, but instructors say there are hundreds of job openings around the South.

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