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Victim's survivors speak out on Rudolph plea

by Josh Dempsey

New York-- Family members of the only person killed in the 1996 Olympic Park bombing spoke Monday morning on the TODAY show.

Former husband John Hawthorne and daughter Fallon Stubbs said they weren't shocked by the plea, they had been briefed by the U. S. attorney's office on the situation. In exchange for his confession, Rudolph will receive four life sentences when he enters his plea this Wednesday.

Stubbs, Alice Hawthorne's daughter, says she would still like to talk to him and ask him one question. "You know whenever something happens, people just want to know why, and it would be why? You see him in the pictures with the handcuffs, and you just know that underneath there, something needs to be said. And that I forgive him," said Fallon Stubbs.

In addition to the Olympic Park bombing, Rudolph has agreed to plead guilty to a fatal blast at an Alabama abortion clinic, as well as two more bombings in Atlanta in 1997.

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