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Big testing week for Georgia students

Lowndes County - It's the week these students have been preparing for all year. "It's the highlight of our school year," said Richard Campbell, Testing Coordinator.

Monday marked the first day of Criterion Referenced Competency Testing at Pine Grove Elementary. "It's a test that assesses them on what they've been taught," said Campbell.

Students in first and second grades are tested in math, language arts, and reading, while third, fourth, and fifth graders are also tested in social studies and science. Third and fifth graders must have a score of at least 300 to move up a grade. "For students who do not make it, they'll have an opportunity to take a summer school program and once that course is completed, they are reassessed," said Campbell.

The students may be the ones answering the questions, but this test measures the effectiveness of teachers too. "Teachers can look at the data from the CRCT and that will help them to re-evaluate the strengths they have in the classroom and maybe some weak areas," said Mickie Fisher, Principal.

It's up to teachers to make sure their students know the curriculum they'll be tested on. But they need parents help too in preparing for the test. Most importantly, you should make sure your child gets plenty of rest. "Doctors tell us that children need between seven and 11 hours of sleep at night to function at the highest level of their capacity," said Campbell.

They also need a healthy breakfast. "Children who are hungry aren't going to think as effectively as they would if they had a nutritious breakfast," said Campbell.

And finally, parents should offer their support and encouragement. Students need to know how important this test is, and that their parents are behind them.

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