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Lee County woman volunteers to serve in Iraq

Lee County- Dianne Brooks works at MCLB Albany, where she's the merchandise coordinator. Soon she'll be flying to Iraq to work at one of four exchanges. They order supplies and provide soldiers with necessary items. She's no stranger to the military task, but her circumstances are a little different. It was in January that Diane Brooks learned about the Volunteer Marine Exchange Program.

"I realize that I always wanted to do something to help and I'd really like to say thank you to all military personnel and their families," said Diane.

Dianne will be helping troops around Baghdad to get the supplies they desperately need.

"I understand we're having a lot of trouble getting the supplies from America, or from Germany, or from other parts," said Brooks.

So, even though she's a civilian and doesn't have to put herself in harms way, she filled out the forms and was chosen to go. She will still be paid her salary while she's serving oversees.

"I look at this as an adventure but something that I'll be serving. I think that that's who I am, is someone who serves," said Brooks.

At a picnic friends and family honored her choice and are getting ready to say good bye.

"That's my sister. She really is very kind and she's always really wanted to make a difference," said Nancy Lorber.

"This was a conscious decision that Diane wanted to make. Actually, I was really shocked, I should be being the kind of person she is and a little apprehensive about it," said Emily Dent, her niece by marriage.

"I thought about it a lot and I prayed about it a lot and I know that she's going to be okay, because I know that God's going to watch over her," said Lorber.

Dianne just hopes her work will help others.

"The impression and the things that I learn will help the next group," said Brooks.

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