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Albany Transit holds bus rodeo

Albany- Competitors are at the starting position of the Annual Bus Rodeo. "I just give my best. However it turns out, it turns out," says Columbus bus driver Darrion Mitchell.

Drivers are turning the bus wheel through a course of eleven obstacles. Macon bus driver David Miller says, "You have to line the bus up without hitting the cones."

It's a fierce competition amongst fellow bus drivers. Day to day work helps them maneuver through the cones. Roger Sinquefield says, "Got third in the world last year, third in the world."

But now he's here in Albany for the annual bus rodeo. He's praying for guidance. "Not only do you go through the course and try not to touch anything, but you have judges on the bus. you have a timekeeper on there," says Sinquefield.

"Learning this course, it really helps you out on the street while you're picking up passengers," says Miller. Drivers say this course is no comparison for the real road. Albany driver Renee Rafferty says, "Just looking at the mirrors and trying to avoid all the hazards and the obstacles out there."

By afternoon, judges were tabulating scores to see which drivers have the top scores but they're all winners when it comes to transporting the many citizens of Georgia.

"We encounter bigger challenges as a driver on a daily route rather than out here," says Rafferty. "I think I did pretty good. I think I did pretty good," says Miller.

And they have the years of practice and the awards to show for it.

The first place winners from Saturday's  competition will go on to the state competition next month. Winners there will participate in the internationl competition later this year.

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