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Arena football opening day a success

Albany- Inside the Albany Civic Center the first arena football game is set to begin. "I'm ready for that bone crushing action. That's what I'm ready for. The bone crushing action," says the team mascot Scratch.

The adrenaline is rushing and fans are turning out and showing their support. "Everytime I've looked outside the ticket window, it's been forty or fifty people and that's been since twelve o' clock," says General Sales Manager Tony Natoli.

Football fans have been outside having a good time leading up to kickoff. "We're cooking hamburgers, sausages, hotdogs, my cousin's over there cooking some porkchops," says tailgater David O'Hare. Curtis Robinson is feeding arena football fans and he plans to be here for awhile.

"Take my word for it. This is going to grow. This will be bigger than it is now," says Robinson. "For a month now, I think we've been waiting to see how much excitement there was going to be out here and it's unbelievable how many people are here," says Rhonda Collins.

She's one of thousands anxious for the start of the first of eight home games at the civic center and the wait is finally over. "We're ready to get in there and see them stomp somebody," says Collins.

Natoli says, "I think people will leave today with an opinion and I think they'll leave with an opinion that this is one of the most exciting things I've ever done. No doubt."

An opinion many had before the players even hit the field.

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