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Motorists stuck for two hours along I-75 in Cook County

Cook County- The Georgia Department of Transportation blames a two hour backlog of traffic on an increase in the volume of people returning from Florida and Spring Break. It just happened that there was construction scheduled this week along Interstate 75 and that they were working Saturday on the Northbound lanes causing many motorists a lot of frustration. They told us in their own words.

"Ridiculous, the state of Georgia is Ridiculous," said a man in his car.

"I've been in this for two hours," said a woman in a mini van.

"I would like to get out of this, this is awful," said a motorist from Michigan.

"I think with the gas situation the way it is to have traffic backed up, I know it's got to be over a hundred miles," said an Ohio man.

"I think I wish they had done it at a better time," said a mom in a mini van.

"Was there an accident up there?" one motorist asked.

"I think it's ridiculous, I've been driving this road for ten years. I've called the Department of Transportation, the State Patrol, I've tried to get the Mayor's office, I've tried to get the DOT it's absolutely ridiculous," said a mom in a mini van.

"It's backed up, it always gets like this when we pave something, it makes it better it's a little inconvenient for a little while but," said John Ellis of the Georgia DOT.

"They're telling us, at exit, 31 they've got the highway blocked down to one lane, but for miles they could have opened up this third lane and let traffic go through," said the woman in the mini van.

"In order for our safety and for everybody else so we don't cause an accident or kill anybody," said Ellis

"Why are they doing this during spring break," questioned several students on their way home.

"We're coming back from spring break like all these other thousands of people and we've been, we've gone 20 miles in two hours it's ridiculous," said a mother in a mini van.

"We work whenever necessary to get the job finished as fast as we can," said Ellis.

"I've got Georgia on my mind," said one motorist. "Not too bad at least we're moving a little bit," said another.

"I think we're came ten mile in two hours, Frustrated, No we're just laughing and going with the flow," said a woman and daughter in their van.

The Department of Transportation says they received many complaints into their call center from drivers on their cell phones along Interstate 75. Crews were working to replace a bridge and resurface the northbound lanes of Interstate 75 just before Cecil. The say the project is expected to continue for several weeks.

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