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Fans await Wildcats kick-off

Albany-- The South Georgia Wildcats kick-off their first season in Albany tomorrow night. About a thousand season tickets have already been sold, and a steady line of fans bought tickets Friday.

The Wildcats are finishing up a final practice before the first game Saturday night. The field is in place and the Wildcats are ready to beat the Macon Knights.

The team promise fans will see a hard hitting, high scoring game, but the entertainment starts well before kick-off.

"We're are football fans so we just wanted to see what it's like," said ticket byer Tony Jenkins.

A steady line of football fans bought tickets to see the South Georgia Wildcats in action for the first time in Albany. "I figure this is a good opportunity to get out and just do something that's exciting."

Excitement is just what the Wildcats promise to deliver. "Arena football is entertainment, it's rock-in-roll football, it's in your face. Expect a lot of high scoring and hard hitting tomorrow," said Wildcats player Ryan Nicodemus.

Friday, the sound of hard work not hard hitting echoed at the Civic Center. Crews put up the final dasher boards and prepared the field. Fans will sit just feet away from the action, and you'll need to take that seat about 7:15 Saturday night to see a special pre-game show. "Then there's a whole sequence that goes from the introduction of a team, our marching band, the cheerleaders, the coin toss. I don't what to let the cat out of the bag more than that," said  Nicodemus

And, fans won't leave empty handed. "After each score, fans can expect to get at least something for free; T-shirts, promotion items we throw into the stands," said Wildcats player Darren McPhail. "We have to provide entertainment and none stop action so that they will come back."

After the game, fans can come down on the field and meet these players and the cheerleaders. They'll be signing autographs. Hopefully, you'll be able to congratulate them on their first win. The game starts at about 7:00 Saturday. There are still good seats left. You can by them at the box office before the game.

The tailgate area is behind the Civic Center at the corner of Front Street and Whitney Avenue. There will be beer and food for sale.

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