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Classic car owners to ride out gas prices

Bruce Garey's 1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk Bruce Garey's 1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk

Albany- People who own classic cars usually own them for a reason, just ask Bruce Garey.

"It's a time machine. When I was in college I owned one almost like it. I bought this one because it takes me back to those days, best I've ever had in my life, met my wife in that car, married my wife, brought my son home from the hospital in one just like it," said Bruce Garey.

But the thought of paying more for a gallon of gas isn't worrying these enthusiasts. Many say, no matter how high the price climbs they'll still show off their cars.

"That's why I own them, I want people to see those cars. They're rolling pieces of art. We want people to enjoy them," said Garey.

"Most of the people who have the modified cars, are in the more professionally restored cars, are of a higher income bracket. They're more financially able to drive than a man who works for say six or seven dollars an hour," said George Gill.

George Gill has worked on classic cars for nearly 40 years. He says, classic cars get better gas mileage than you may think. It's similar to modern SUV's, around 18 miles a gallon, because of that most drivers will keep rolling.

"They would probably have to change their habits a little bit, reduce their travel, but I think they would probably retain their interest in the cars," said Gill.

Many classic car owners are having to shell out a little more, most classic cars require a higher octane.

"These demand premium gas, my regular car will take a lesser grade of fuel," said Garey.

That's not expected to slow down many of these drivers. "The love of the old car is a very strong impulsive item that they contend with so they're not going to throw the old car away," said Gill.

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