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Warehouse hid hazardous materials for decades

Ocilla-- Workers stumbled upon asbestos, mercury and old X-ray developing chemicals abandoned nearly 30 years ago. Five-hundred pounds of asbestos siding shingles and nearly four pounds of liquid mercury are now sealed in these special hazardous material drums.

State prisoners were cleaning the 4th street warehouse Wednesday so it could be used to store food for the less fortunate.

The chemicals were found when fire chief Mark Taibi was completing his building inspection. "I went in and instructed them to be put into a decon washdown facility, and they have done that. They have a decon unit out there at the prison. They have all been decontaminated and everyone of them are safe. None of them came in contact with the asbestos or the mercury," says Taibi.

Chief Taibi says the warehouse had been used to store military surplus items. An Atlanta hazardous materials recovery company has been hired to come and remove the chemicals. The owner of the warehouse has agreed to pay for the service.

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