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Food bank feels the pinch at gas pump

Valdosta - Every day, rain or shine, workers from America's Second Harvest Food Bank are on the road delivering meals to their Kids Cafes. "Without the meals in the evening time, most of these children wouldn't have a hot meal that was well balanced and nutritious," said Jennifer Glisson.

They feed kids in five different South Georgia Counties. "We run a semi truck, two 24 ft trucks and three vans a week," said Frank Richards, Food Bank Director.

And that makes for one hefty gas bill. "When we see a 50 to 60 cent per gallon increase, that can run us over $1,000 extra in expenses for our vehicles," said Richards.

It takes about $60.00 to fill up one of their vans, and the food bank has to fill up at least every other day. "In an average month we spend about $2,000 to $3,000 in gas to do deliveries and pickups to our member agencies," said Richards.

As a non-profit agency, the money to pay the added expense is hard to come by. "We're having to make up for the costs in gas by cutting back different programs and using some of our reserve funds we have on hand," said Richards.

And canceling the delivery service isn't an option. "If we stopped doing it the kids don't get to eat," said Richards.

So as gas prices continue to rise, they'll do what they can to get by and ensure that no child goes hungry.

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