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On a mission

Albany-- Dougherty High freshman Steven Elliott is on a mission. As one of the very few wheel-chaired athletes in the state, Elliott is hoping to show other handicapped students that anything is possible.

"There's no limitation to wheel chaired persons abilities and if physically disabled people want to try something they can do it," Elliott said.

Elliott, and other wheel chair bound athletes, can only compete in three events. The shot put, the 800 and the 200. And since he's so new to the sport Elliott says he's using this year as a learning experience.

"Once I actually get a year under my belt and everything like that then I can actually get better at it and I can learn my mistakes and stuff like that for next year," Elliott added. Born with spinal bfida, Steven Elliott has been confined to a wheel chair all his life, but his father says that hasn't slowed him down one bit.

"He's seen so many other kids down here that don't even try to push their own chair, they want someone to push it for them. We've always pushed him to do everything that he could by himself, for himself to be as independent as he can be," Jim Elliott said.

And while his times may not be the best in the state, Elliott is leading in perhaps a more important way, by example.

"That's the only reason that I'm doing this is to show people that wheel chaired people don't have to sit around school doing work and everything like that. If they want to get something started in their school that hasn't been done they can do it, as long as they try," Elliott said.

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