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Mitchell County is storm ready

Camilla- When the Saxon family hears their weather radio, they keep a close eye on the sky.

"It was a direct hit to our house. We were inside the mobile home, we got tossed around and as the tornado got closer we were lifted into the eye of the tornado and got thrown out when it took a turn," said Berrylnn Saxon.

"I was in the hospital, about two months, and every week I had to get my leg cleaned out," said Troy Saxon, Berrylnn's son.

Troy was badly hurt and had to have many surgeries to repair his leg, broken in four places. When the tornado hit Camilla in 2000, the Saxon's weren't prepared, but that's not the case now.

"All the time I keep my weather radio on all the time," said Berrylnn Saxon.

The Saxons received a weather radio from FEMA after their ordeal, they say it keeps them ready for anything.

"It goes to beeping first,then the way that we have ours set, it beeps first, then the tone gets louder, that way we know information out of Tallahassee is coming our way because we get the reading from the radio before it comes across the TV," said Saxon.

Even the kids know what to do.

"Rush over to it and press, press the button, turn the knob and hear what they say," said Troy.

The family is ready to act fast.

"When the weather radio goes off, we pay attention to how close it is what direction its coming from that way we always have bags packed so we know exactly where we're going and nine times out of ten we're always going to my mom's house," said Saxon.

They say the radio lets them know before most other warnings, allowing the family to stay ahead of the storm.

"So by the time it hits TV we are already ahead of it that way we can see it directly which way and direction it's coming," said Saxon.

Sirens in Camilla and Pelham alert people to a possible weather emergency. Emergency management leaders recommend you buy a weather radio and make sure to install the batteries to keep it working even when the power is out.

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