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Crews keep pumping through the night

Albany- Kevin Williams has to make sure this pump keeps humming.

"It's 24 hours a day, all night long, we'll be doing this," said Williams said.

The pumps are lowering water levels in city holding ponds, so there's room for more. With storms on the way, people are concerned about more flooding.

"Just for instance, right here, how the water is backing up in the back yard."

The back yard on Shannon Drive belongs to Shirley Whittle. The water is runoff from a holding pond behind her home.

"They've been real good to get out here and try to pump it out, but it's not going very fast," Whittle said.

So she acted fast and surrounded this part of her home with sandbags to keep water out. But sewer maintenance crews will keep pumps going on Shannon Drive in North Albany and in a neighborhood in East Albany.

The pump in East Albany is pulling water from a ditch off of Mobile Avenue. The water is running down Teche Avenue and into the gutters.

"They have no reason to worry," Williams said. "We'll stay on it all the time."

Because time spent by workers like Kevin is all that can be done to prevent more flooding in already soggy neighborhoods.

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