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Horse traveler passes through Albany

Albany- A trip around the world in 7 years is exactly what a former lawyer from Argentina is doing as part of a "goodwill tour." Eduardo Discoli passed through Albany Wednesday afternoon on his way to Leesburg.

     Hundreds of horsepower is generally the standard for most travelers on Highway 19 nowadays. But Eduardo Discoli is moving at his own comfortable pace with four horsepower, literally. Speed isn't the name of the game here. The former lawyer is 3 and a half years into a lengthy goodwill tour on horseback. "Seven years, finish the travel for the record Guinness," says Discoli.

     Discoli started his journey from his home country of Argentina. He'll also end it there, just on the opposite side. "My travel is to Canada, Europe, North Africa, and return to Argentine from the South of Brazil."

     Discoli admits that he's not much of a conversationalist. "My English is very bad," he says. But he doesn't seem to have a problem meeting people who want to stop to chat, and even show him some good old' southern hospitality. People stop Discoli to give him money, water and food for his horses, and even a place to stay.

     Discoli is halfway to a goal he's relentless in achieving. But even the most diehard road trippers have to stop to rest. "Tomorrow, relax for the horses and me. And then begin the travel one day after tomorrow, hahaha," he says.

     Another large part of Discoli's tour is to promote the history and ancestry of the horse. He says he wants to show their importance in sports, communications, equine therapy, peace, and even war.

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