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Storms hurt South Georgia allergy sufferers

Lee County -- If you have been suffering more with run, swollen eyes or sneezing this week, last week's storms in South Georgia could be to blame. The heavy rain storms that caused flooding last week, are wreaking havoc with allergy sufferers now.

Pollen counts have surged this week, into very dangerous levels. The rain and warm weather pollinated the pollen producing plants, and the heavy winds after spread it.

 Dr. Tracy Bridges of the Allergy and Asthma Clinics of Georgia said "We know that when there is a force behind that pollen, it kind of really get right up in the noses and the eyes and cause itching of the eyes, sneezing, running noses, and those kind of things."

Allergy specialists across the South have been flooded with patients seeking help.

Dr. Bridges says South Georgia's allergy season this year likely will be more severe, and more rain storms forecast for Thursday will stir up even more pollen.

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