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New businesses should boost economy

Albany- Construction workers are helping to jumpstart the East Albany community. "It can be strenuous sometimes and stressful but if you enjoy this kind of work, it's just like another day at the office," says project supervisor Dwight Roberts.

They're building a new auto parts store on East Oglethorpe from the ground up. "The project actually started about three weeks ago and we usually within ninety days have one up and operational," says Roberts. So they'll be busy for the next couple of months.

"We've got a steel crew that's doing the sheeting and everything else, goes around the building. We've got electricians inside here doing all the electrical wiring and we've also got the concrete guys," says Roberts. They're helping to build a foundation. Builders say the new 6,800 square foot building will boost the economy in East Albany because over the years the number of economic opportunities have been down.

"Now we're beginning to see some things happening and people are noticing that," says Vice-President of the Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission. The commission is seeing an increase in the number of new businesses in East Albany. On one side of East Oglethorpe there are several new projects in the works.

"Certainly it builds excitement. It's always exciting to see that dirt moving, more people stirring around in the area, so that certainly should bring some additional pride," says Moore. It should also bring more jobs in the area, a positive perk of new business.

"It just makes sense that with more businesses, more jobs, creating more wealth, maybe even improving the standard of living for some individuals," says Moore.

"We've travelled all over to many states and everywhere we go, we see the work that we've done before so we just point them out," says Roberts.

So now they'll be pointing out a new business in East Albany. When they do, it'll be full of new employees from the area.

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