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Career fair for out of town jobs

Albany- An Alabama industry is looking for hundreds of new workers and they hope to find some of them in Albany.

Montgomery-based Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Plant will be in Albany tomorrow hoping to hire maintenance technology worker. Albany Technical College trains students for these jobs in the industrial systems program.

Of course applicants would have to move to accept the jobs, but these types of high-paying jobs are available in South Georgia too.

"These are high-paying jobs with a starting pay rate of 18.80 an hour progressing up to 23.48 per hour over a 24 month period," said Lyn Cheevers, director of Career Services.

"Not only does this plant over in Alabama need these students," said Johnny Dodson, an industrial systems instructor. "But there's a very high demand and it's growing every year here in the Albany area for industrial systems students."

The career fair runs from nine to six tomorrow at Albany Tech's Kirkland Conference Center. Applicants should bring a resume and dress professionally.

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