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Flood cleanup in Bainbridge

Bainbridge- People along the Flint River in Bainbridge are cleaning up after last week's flooding. But they're also keeping an eye on approaching storm fronts in case they have to prepare for round two.

     The Bainbridge / Decatur County Chamber of Commerce is right on the banks of the flooded Flint River. President Cile Warr says fortunately, the chamber suffered only minor damage. "We know our bottom deck is going to have some issues and that's about it. The chamber is fine, high and dry."

     Warr is also a victim of the 1994 and '98 floods. She almost lost her home in 1998. Warr says that's why she knows exactly what victims are going through this round. "It's a horrible feeling of what you have to deal with when it's all over, stripping out everything, drying out, rebuilding," she says.

     The Flint is expected to crest Wednesday at about 29 feet, four feet above flood stage. But authorities are worried about what's yet to come. "The water starts receding, hopefully we don't get lots more water dumped on us in the next several days with the storms that are coming in," says Decatur County Sheriff's Office Captain Cecilia Willis.

     And if more water does hit, the sheriff's office says it will be out there in force, just like it was this round. "Making sure that our citizens are safe from any wind damage that came down, any power lines that came down, making sure that power companies were aware of flooded areas that needed the power turned off," says Willis.

     It's too early for emergency management officials to begin their damage assessments because the water level is still too high. But they do know at least four homes were affected, an all too familiar scenario for Warr. "I hurt for those folks that are going through that and are having to deal with that," she says.

     There are no shelters set up in Decatur County for flood victims, but officials say emergency offices are open 24-7. The Sheriff's Office has an information hotline you can call at 229-246-6331. You can find water level information at extension 1000, and road closure updates at extension 1800. To report damage, call the Emergency Management Agency at 229-248-3869.

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