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Plumbers: water heaters should be checked regularly

Americus- Diane Haywood had suffered several broken ribs after the blast destroyed her daughter's Woodland Avenue home Monday morning. She's been upgraded to good condition.

Investigators say the explosion was caused by built up pressure in the water heater.

Plumber Bill Nesbitt says there are at least two safety mechanisms on all water heaters. A temperature and pressure relief valve and a thermostat that can also has relieve some of the pressure caused by hot water.

He says people rarely think about getting them checked unless something goes wrong. "It's not done as often as it should be. The relief valve is the main thing that you need to make sure is working properly," says Nesbitt.

Nesbitt says homeowners should have their water heaters checked once a year by a licensed plumber to make sure all safety mechanisms are working properly.

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