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ASA ranks at bottom of quality list

Albany- There's rarely a line when passengers check in with ASA inside Albany's airport.

With four flights in and out of the city a day, Albany's airport director says the airline and it's employees provide a good service.

"They try to be helpful, they're very professional, so it's all relative," said Airport Director Yvette Aehle.

Relative to the fact that ASA is ranked last in an Airline Quality list. But ASA also shows the largest score improvement of any airline rated over the past two years.

"Yet ASA was ranked at the bottom of 16 airlines, but yet they were one of the four that improved, so I'm not quite sure about what that says about the data," she said.

The ratings are based on performance like how often flights leave on time and how often flights are canceled. According to numbers ASA provides to the airport, from April 2004 through January of this year, ASA reports that their flights leave on time 82 percent of the time. But information from the U.S. Bureau of Transportation in that same time period shows flights left on time 78 percent of the time.

"For 0 to 15 minutes, we do get our flights off on time. And we don't have as many complaints as they do nationally."

Nationally, many airports are struggling to satisfy customers.

"It's just a bad time for all airlines. And I think that the performance of all of them is going down and it's not doing very well except for the low-cost carriers."

Regardless of how ASA is ranked, it's the only option passengers have if they want to leave out of Albany.

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