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Southwest Georgia gas prices continue to climb

Albany- The price of oil rose to a record high this weekend, forcing gas prices well above the two dollar mark.

In Albany, prices at the pump range from $2.09 all the way up to $2.19. The average price for a gallon of gas in the Albany area a year ago was a $1.60.

On average, drivers are spending an extra 30 dollars a month and SUV drivers are shelling out even more this year for gasoline. Money many say could be put to better use.

"It would be able to go towards, bills groceries, anything like that, that you could use to put food on the table. It's sad that you've got to put it in the gas tank and everything else is going up with it," said Ron Brown.

"Basically I could do a whole lot more than just drive the same distance with the extra thirty dollars a month," said Eric Young.

The state of Georgia ranks tenth for the lowest gas prices nationwide.  According to AAA, New Jersey has the lowest average price at $1.98.

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