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Lee County flood victims clean up

Lee County- Taking advantage of the sunshine, residents along on Creekside Drive in Lee County are finally starting to dry out after heavy rains drenched the area a week ago. Those rains sent 18 inches of water into the Beaver's home.

"From four foot down we have to rip out. Cabinets, toilets, bathtubs, everything, carpet, linoleum, everything has to go," said Teresa Beaver.

The family sustained a lot of damage both inside and out. Murky water still fills their swimming pool, the liner was ripped, and the pool isn't insured. The house itself has been reduced to a shell as crews try and get it to a point where things can start to dry out.

"The carpet has to come out, tile has to come out, your sheet rock has to come out, insulation which is wet has to come out, all of it has to be sprayed with bleach. All your studs have to be sprayed with pure bleach," said Beaver.

The family has had some help.

"Even the prissy girls who do their nails are dragging wet carpet out, wet insulation, it was unbelievable," said Beaver.

"We've been tearing up the floor, and we took out the baseboards and the carpet and everything, which all our friends did," said Leah Watson, a family friend.

The house payments and bills go on and now they're adding in clean up costs.

"I do have flood insurance, but flood insurance will only cover so much. You do most of the work, what you can do yourself to be able to put your house back together," said Beaver.

The family was able to save most of their furniture, except for one couch that didn't fit in their truck. They say, they'll deal with their situation as best they can. The family plans to do most of the reconstruction themselves and their looking forward to a time when they can sit down in the living room of their home and relax.

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