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Southwest Georgia remembers Pope John Paul, II

Albany- Just like many Catholic churches across the nation, members at St. Teresa Catholic Church held their regular 5:30 Saturday service. There was a somber attitude as they remembered the life of Pope John Paul.

A wreath has been place on the front sign at St. Teresa Catholic Church in Albany in remembrance of Pope John Paul the second. A range of feeling are being expressed at St. Teresa.

"It's a real mixture, it's one of those ambivalent feelings, of we're glad to see him out of his suffering and know that he's happy now and we're sorry to loose such a wonderful leader," said Bee McCormack.

Many Catholics gathered nationwide for the 5:30 service. Members here in Albany remembered Pope John Paul and say the Pontiff helped to bring tradition back to the Catholic church.

"I think traditions are important and I think a lot is lost through the years. I think tradition needs to be reinstated, so that we all feel apart of the heritage that we are a part of," said Angie Laramore.

The church plans several services this week, and will celebrate Tuesday night before funeral services on Wednesday.

"The Tuesday night before, we are asked, Catholics are asked, to congregate or gather the night before," said Father Finbarr Stanton.

People at St. Teresa say this Pope will always hold a special place in their hearts.

"Everybody has a challenge and it will be hard to replace him, but I think he's left a good foundation other people will continue his work," said Laramore.

"Each Pope is different. Each has his strengths. This pope is nothing like John the 23 rd but he was a giant too, in a different way, he brought the church, as they say, he opened the windows in the church, and then this Pope has really reached out," said McCormack.

St. Teresa will hold a a prayer service Sunday at 7 PM. The service is open to all denominations and everyone is welcome. They will also hold a Eucharist service on Tuesday evening at 7 PM.

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