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Residents deal with flooded yards and wells

Worth County- On Thursday and Friday, Southwest Georgia was pounded with heavy rains. "There is not enough proper drainage out here, you see the water," says Worth County resident Jennifer Ballard. Water she often sees after a heavy downpour.

Her home on Willow Road in Worth County catches the overflow each time and she's tired of wading through deep water. "We're underwater here. It's under my house, it's calf-deep trying to go through my driveway. We have to put stakes up to see where our driveway was," says Ballard.

It's a problem she says needs to be fixed as soon as possible but the county says nothing can be done until the water goes down. "If they don't do anything about it, we're gonna be stuck like this every time it rains," says Ballard.

 A holding pond along with the rain is what residents blame for flooding their homes, yards and even their private water wells. Health officials say residents should be very careful about potential contamination. "If your well has been inundated, if it's been covered with water or the flood water is at or near your well, you should probably consider that it is contaminated," says Environmental Health Director Susan Reyher.

Water may possibly be contaminated with bacterial, viral or even chemical infections, something that worries residents. "Every one out here has septic tanks, wells, that stuff gets contaminated and that's not healthy for our children," says Ballard.

But health officials maintain that the problem can't be solved until all the water is washed away. "It's going to be after the flood waters go down before the wells can be treated with disinfectant and treated and shown to be safe for drinking again," says Reyher.

And also before Willow Road is clear of Water over the Road signs.

These warnings for water only apply to homes with private wells. Health officials say you shouldn't brush your teeth or wash dishes with any water that may be contaminated and you should use bottled water for cooking and drinking.

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