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Lee County people concerned by more rain

Lee County  --  Lee County Emergency Management have lowered the estimate of homes damaged by flood waters to 30 Thursday afternoon. The flood waters from the Kinchafoonee and Muckalee Creeks are receding, but people are concerned as the rain starts to fall again.

Flood waters that cover Uncle Jimmy's Lane have fallen several feet, but T.J. Danford is worried as the rain starts falling again. T.J. Danford said "It'll stop it, or it may rise up again, but I don't think it'll get any higher than it is."

 Danford's home and five rental properties are at the far end of Uncle Jimmy's Lane, accessible only by boat. Danford said "We enjoy camping out, so it's no problem for us."

But Danford is worried more rain could bring the flood waters back. Danford said "I hope they leave those gates open at the dam, so this water can go on down where it is supposed to go."

Danford's homes are dry, but the swift creek water damaged his property. Danford said "I've got one boat that's underwater. And my dock, I don't know what I'll do about that. It's also washed away." His clean up will wait until this rain ends.

 Creekside Drive is still covered by water, but has gone down several feet. Chris Hester said "We've been watching it on the hour."

Hester's home is about one hundred yards from the water's edge, but it is close to his shop in the back. Hester said "We are concerned about this rain coming. We don't know how much we are going to get, but we know that we are going to get a substantial amount more of flooding, if this doesn't drain out like it needs to."

A friend of the Edmond's checks their homes, which are surrounded by water, but still dry inside. But Hester and his neighbors keep a close watch on the flood waters, as the rain starts to fall again. Hester said "Scaring a lot of people around here. We get through this, I think I'm just going to sell and move. It's just too much to deal with."

Several homes are flooded on Cypress Point Circle. The water has fallen on this street as well, but most people are holding off clean up, until after these rain storms end.

E.M.A. Director Joe Pollock had first estimated that 40 homes in Lee County had been flooded, but after inspections Thursday he lowered that number to 30 houses damaged.

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