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Creek dwellers brace for another wave

Doutherty County-- At the Dougherty Lee County line, off Robinson Drive near the Muckalee Creek, water did not enter houses, but it came mighty close.

Residents are concerned that additional rain will casue the creek to repeat its actions from Tuesday and Wednesday, putting them at risk of flooding a second time.

 Rain predictions for Central Georgia are for as much as five inches over two days. As that much rain rolls south, it be critical for the Flint River and its tributaries to flow as much water as they already have to the south.

The water has receded at Uncle Jimmy's Lane, but not before two homes were flooded by the creek. People are still tryiong to get back to their homes, but they know that more water is p[otentially close, and they're worried about new rain.

Creeskide Drive has much less roadway covered by water than Wednesday, but it strill isn't clear, and a great deal of trash and debris has been left behind.

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