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As waters recede, hardest work begins

Lee County- It's the soothing sound of the water that often draws people to live near the creeks and rivers in Southwest Georgia.

"It's quiet and it's peaceful and it's just a good place to be," said Carlos Lamb, who lives in Muckalee Shoals.

But the people who live in this place spent the last three days nervously watching the Muckalee Creek take over. Monday night, Lamb watched closely as the waters rose. He'd seen the creek creep up before, but it was different this time.

"This time it came up to the flood way and the next thing we know, it was in the house," Lamb said.

The Lambs have some minor damage like holes around the foundation of the home and water damage to walls in the basement. But when they built this home four years ago, they were told they didn't need flood insurance.

"I think I'll probably reconsider that and get flood insurance now," he said. Just as soon as the water drains away from now underwater flower beds and flooded swing sets.

"It we had it to do over again, we'd probably still be here anyway."

Because being here close to the water is still worth it in the long run.

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