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Kinchafoonee residents are no stranger to floods

Lee County-- Water continued to creep into the Creekside subdivision from at least two different directions Overnight.

Water rushing across the road made it impassable for us and residents. It's even made it hard for emergency officials to asses just how many homes have water inside them. We do know there are several with water damage, but residents are hoping their won't be any more.

The sound of flowing water is usually soothing, but when it's quickly approaching your home it can be really scary. "We stayed out here all day yesterday and it came in about 6:30 this morning," says Don Bowman.

The water from the Kinchafoonee Creek filled and spilled over this berm behind Don Bowman's home. Now it's creeping up his yard and just feet from his garage. "We packed up everything in the garage because in '98 it did get into our garage and we packed up everything in there, and we went ahead and picked up pictures and things we might have low," he says.

He isn't the only who's already packed up possessions. Bill Underwood literally emptied his house. "They're packed up in people's trailers, in their garages, my brother's got some stuff, friends, and everything else," Underwood says.

He sloshes through about a foot of water just to get to his front door. His house has been turned into an island overnight. "We're pretty optimistic. I don't see it coming inside the house right now," he says.

But an overflowing holding pond left at least five feet of water in his backyard, and flags he placed in the front to show how fast the water level rises are slowly disappearing. "They kept getting gradually covered up, so we kept moving them, moving them, moving them. I put those out about an hour ago and the water's still creeping up," Underwood says.

"As we start to get to the southern part of the county the creek banks are not near as steep, so therefore the water in going to start to spread out into areas, spread laterally," says EMA Director Joe Pollack.

Pollack says because of where the Creekside subdivision is located along the Kinchafoonee, water is spilling into that area from at least two different directions. "The creek actually goes around this subdivision and once it gets to a certain point it's going to try to take the path of least resistance so it kind of cuts across the corner and that's what's happening now and that's why we're kind of getting water from both directions," Pollack says.

At noon that water level had slowed to rising only about 1/4 of an inch an hour and Chief Pollack says he expects it to stabilize completely Wednesday night.

There are just individual power outages Advising residents not to drink the water and to purchase water. Can clean and wash clothes but should not drink it until after their wells have been tested.

Emergency officials also warn people who are walking and boating through water trying to return to their homes to be very cautious. Several reptiles have been spotted and could be inside homes.

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