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One home off Lover's Lane floods

Lee County -- Most people who live on Lover's Lane Road in Dougherty and Lee counties were celebrating Wednesday. The Kinchafoonee Creek crested Tuesday night, and started to fall back.  Most homes were not flooded, although the water did cover the road and surround many houses.

 But one Lee County family did have flood waters invade their home, forcing them to move out. This home on Sapp Road was one of the few off Lover's Lane Road that had flood water rush in this week. Kyle Folds said, "We just watched it come in, there was nothing we could do."

Kyle Folds home is about 200 yards from the Kinchafoonee Creek, but Tuesday afternoon water covered about a foot of the bottom floor. Folds said, "We were able to get the majority of our stuff out. We found out about 6:30 that it was coming, so we were able to get most of it out. We had several friends come to help me."

Folds, his wife, and four children fled, when the water started to come into his wife's office. "Once it crested the hill over there, our neighbors property, it come rushing in then. That had to be tough. "I had seen it from previous floods, on TV, but's it not the same until you've watched it yourself."

Folds looks over the damage, and gets ready to move the rest of their belongings out of the second floor. Folds said "of course we got all the appliances out. We got everything up on the counters as much as we could, what we couldn't get out of here."

Folds was one of the few off Lover's Lane Road in Dougherty or Lee County that had flood waters from the Kinchafoonee Creek flow into their homes.

Folds said he likes this house, and if the landlord repairs it, he will think about moving back in.

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