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Warm, wet weather draws mosquitos

Valdosta - Nursery Owner Patsy Cain spends most all of her time outdoors. "Pretty much all day long, every day," said Cain.

But lately working outside hasn't been so pleasant, as mosquitos are becoming more active in South Georgia. "I noticed yesterday afternoon around 4:00 or 5:00, they were getting pretty bad," said Cain.

Last week's storms left lots of standing water, which makes an ideal breeding ground for the pests. Valdosta public works crews are getting ready to hit the streets for spraying...a little earlier than usual. "We're already getting some complaints," said Eugene Phillips.

The city typically starts spraying for mosquitos in May, but because of all the standing water combined with the recent warm temperatures, "We're going to start Monday night at 7:00," said Phillips.

The trucks will make their rounds through the city for four hours each night, Monday through Friday. But public works crews can't control the mosquitos alone, they need your help. "We only spray the streets but if the citizens can pour out some of the standing water and use some kind of mosquito pesticide, it will help us out a lot," said Phillips.

It will take about two weeks to spray the entire city, and even then the mosquito problem won't be completely eliminated. The best thing you can do to protect yourself from the pests is wear long sleeves and pants when outdoors, use insect repellent with DEET, and avoid being outside at dusk and dawn, when mosquitos are most active.

posted by ashley.harper@walb.com

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