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Flint floods homes in south Albany

Albany-- The Flint is flooding homes in south Albany on the west side of the river right now.

In Lee County, people who live along the Kinchafoonee and the Muckalee are still seeing a lot of water, but the levels seem to be holding steady. Areas Around Lover's Lane, Century Road, North Hampton, and Creekside Drive are surrounded by water.

The look is much the same in the Radium Springs area of Dougherty County.

People who live on Lover's Lane Road went to bed last night prepared to leave their homes in case the water came any higher. Luckily, they awoke to find their homes safe and the water level holding steady. “I was very concerned when I left here last night, but we feel blessed that the water stopped short of our house. Now I want to get my house cleaned up,” said Jean Geiger.

Floodwaters are receding on North Hampton road along the Muckalee Creek in Lee County. Along the 300 block of North Hampton Road, waters that cover the road are still high and impassible for cars, but have fallen from yesterday's levels. Most vehicles could not get to the 500 block yesterday, but can now get through some of the waters.

You can still see the watermark on a home at 522 North Hampton. The water reached the garage, but may have missed the inside of the house. In the 700 block, waters too high for cars to pass continue to cover the road, but the water is receding.

Floodwater is now making its way into parts of South Albany, on the west bank of the Flint River. Parts of South Jackson, at Oakridge Drive, are covered with water and blocked off to traffic.

And across Oakridge, on South Jackson and Ebony, water is nearly reaching a few homes and stores. On the east side of the Flint River in Radium Springs, this home next to the old casino site is flooded. The water is just inches away from the main floor, and the homeowner called in movers to starting hauling out furniture.

Parts of Skywater and Azalea Boulevard are also covered with water and clocked off. You cannot even get to the Radium Springs Golf Course clubhouse anymore, but the building is not flooded. The water has made it into some yards, but no homes on Skywater should be in jeopardy.

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