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Azalea and Skywater Boulevard residents watching water

Dougherty County- Flint River water now floods the intersection of Azalea and Skywater Boulevard in Radium Springs. The water on the street is now flowing like a river and Skywater Boulevard is now living up to it's name.

"I'm a little concerned. It's been moving up since this morning from what I noticed," says resident Xavier Bailey. He's keeping close watch on his backyard. "We could put things out and then come back an hour later and it would be covered so hour by hour it's been moving pretty rapidly."

He's only been in his home on Skywater for about six months and he's used to seeing bluish, green water from his window with vivid images of fish swimming around. Now dark, murky water has made it's way into his back lawn. "First time, very first time. Hope I won't have to see it again," says Bailey. 

Although this is the first time water has crept into his own yard he's no stranger to flood waters. His parents were involved in the big flood of 1994. He says, "I had to help come and clean up. There was a big cleanup effort to help get everything out. They actually lost everything except for the clothes they had on and the cars they were driving."

So he's making sure the same thing doesn't happen here by monitoring the levels every hour on the hour. He hopes to see the water start making its way back to the river by morning but he knows it will leave a mess behind.

"Hopefully we'll get maybe a little rain after that to help wash it away, but it'll be a major cleanup effort," says Bailey.

 A clean up effort he says has a reward because, "I can get my fishing gear and go back out to that tree about 30,40 yards out and start over again."

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