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More prepare to evacuate in Lee County

Lee County- Tamara Gibbs didn't have to go far to find a box Tuesday night.

"I've horded them up in my attic just for this because the first time I was not prepared, the second time I was," she said. "The third time I hope I'm as well prepared."

She got to work as soon as emergency workers told her her Lee County neighborhood may flood.

"We're afraid that the water's going to be rising," said Julian Tye, assistant chief with the Lee County Fire Department. "It's been rising about three inches an hour."

While Gibbs and her family and friends got to work, other neighbors weren't so quick to act.

"They just don't have the muster to do it again, so they're just going to leave when they have to, if they have to," she said.

The waters that would flood her home in Creekside Manor would runoff from a nearby holding pond.

"You got a lot flat land in there," said Tye. "If it rises much higher, it can just spread out real fast."

So with fast work with devoted helpers, Gibbs hoping she wins the race when it comes to beating the flood waters.

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