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Creek-side residents cross their fingers

Dougherty County-- We've been keeping an eye on rising waters of the creeks and rivers throughout the past two days. The Muckalee Creek caused a lot of concern in the Northhampton area.

When the rains fell over Easter Weekend, Cathy Summerlin knew what was coming next. "I worried myself sick that the water's coming back and guess what? It is. It's back."

Back to visit Cathy and her family who are familiar with a flood's wrath. "Moved here one month before the flood of '94 and then the flood hit my house and went over the house for eight days and we bulldozed it down, and wondered if I should leave, but I just love the water so much I decided to stay."

She built a new, concrete dome house, that could possibly withstand hurricanes, but can't keep flood waters out. "The flood came back in '98 and I got three foot of water in '98, and here we are again and the water's back, and here we still are moving in and out."

But she does see a ray of hope, coming from the murky waters of the flood. "At least I haven't heard of anybody getting hurt or anything like that, everybody's safe, and you know, the only good thing about the flood? It brings everybody together."

And everybody in the Northhampton area is really going through this together, neighbors helping neighbors move their belongings out of harm's way. Another concern for people who live out here on Muckalee Creek and Lake Chehaw is the possibility for rain within the next several days, because even if the waters begin to subside tonight, they may soon rise again.

Many of the roads still remain closed in the area to anyone other than people who live on them, and EMA officials ask that sight-seers stay out of these areas, because unnecessary traffic is already a problem.

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