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Friends help evacuation process

Lee County-- People who live on Lover's Lane began packing up their belongings Tuesday morning. Jim Ervin was out of town but rushed home and enlisted the help of family and friends when he heard how fast the water behind his house was rising.

Some sticks were placed in the ground at 6:30 Tuesday morning. Four hours later, they were nearly covered with water.

This is the third time in 11 years Ervin says he's evacuated his home because of flooding. "It's routine. If you live out here you never know what to expect, still it's not any fun when it happens," says Ervin.

Many of Ervin's neighbors who live along the south side of Lover's Lane also began packing up. Some even built makeshift structures to help keep the water from creeping into the lower levels of their homes.

Also in Lee County, a road was closed by high water from the Kinchafoonee Creek. Creekside Drive in the 300 block was closed by deep, rushing water. Two homes were completely surrounded by water.

In the yard, a truck that was not moved in time, is now flooded. The owners had boats so they could go back and forth from their homes to dry ground.

Neighbors say the homes that were here in 1994 flooded, and they rebuilt on raised platforms. So far they built these homes high enough to keep the water from reaching their living area.

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