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Speed of Kinchafoonee Creek rise surprises many

Lee County-- Off Century Road, at the bridge over the Kinchafoonee, several residents along Cypress Point Circle evacuated as flood waters rose rapidly around their homes. Neighbors and friends worked together to move what they could out of the surging water.

Friends and neighbors salvage what they can from Brenda Allen's RV home. Last night when she left, the Kinchafoonee Creek was yards from her home. But Tuesday morning it was underwater. "It was just like all of the sudden it just hit," Allen said. "We've lost pretty much everything."

Allen was not home, but neighbors saved her 12 dogs. "They got everybody out and took them over to the house and took care of them," Allen said. "And I appreciate that. Because I can lose everything else, but I wouldn't want to lose them. "

The flood waters were swift, with lots of debris floating by as people evacuated. Terry Lamb spent the day helping his neighbors and watching the rising waters. "It wasn't nowhere near the road at nine o'clock this morning. Now it's crossing the road and covering my yard. That's all we can do."

Lisa Worrell was camping when her Mother called her to tell her the flood waters were quickly rising. "I ain't moving," Worrell said. "This is my home here."

Worrell and her family raced to clean out her garage, with the water moving up quickly around her home. "Just trying to get that stuff from the outside. I don't think there is any threat to the house. Just the outside. It's got to be scary now. Nah, we lived through it, both floods."

Living by the creek is worth this to Worrell. "We ain't going nowhere. We're staying right here. I promise."

Across Cypress Point Circle, Margaret Clarey and her daughter Angela watch the water coming toward their home. "Around 7:00 it was way out over there. The road was clear. Then in the last few hours, it just came up in my yard. It's at my doorstep. It's at my steps."

Friends helped Clarey move her furniture out, and within hours her home was surrounded by water, but was not inside yet. The people on this Lee County street work together to help each other evacuate and watch to see just how high the water will rise.

Several homes are surrounded by water on Cypress Point Circle, but so far it has only flooded Brenda Allen's R.V. home.

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